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Can I Submit the Forms/ Records I Currently Have?

Most schools and universities accept any kind of record/forms like previous high school or four-year college/university, military records or World Health Organization (WHO), or family physician/childhood records.

Please note: select schools and universities require that you use their institution specific immunization form. For directives if you are required to use this form please refer to you institution’s immunization/ health clearance requirements. If you are still unsure please reach out to help@medproctor.com or start a LiveChat with a live Med+Proctor representative.

If you receive a tag that says "Missing Med+Proctor Immu Form", then your school/ university's form is required.

Please follow the steps copied below to download the Med+Proctor Immunization Certificate in your Med+Proctor account:

  • Once you create your Med+Proctor account, you will need to complete all the prompts and then you will have access to the 'Documents' section to download your form.
  • The option to download your Med+Proctor form comes only after you complete account setup. You will need to fill out all required information, then you will have access to the documents section of your account.
  • Once you reach the document section you will see all downloadable blank forms directly above the upload section.

Students and Employees should upload documents to the medproctor.com vaccine & immunization tracking software for your school or workplace requirements.