Can I Submit the Immunization Records I Currently Have?

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Yes, most likely the records you have are acceptable:

You may be wondering if the immunization records you currently have are acceptable. The answer is usually yes, as most schools and universities accept any kind of record or form, such as a previous high school transcript, military records, a doctor's note, a copy of your vaccination card, or any other form of documentation that proves you have been immunized. 

However, there are some select schools and universities that require that you use their institution-specific immunization form:

It is always best to check with the school or university to make sure that they do not require you to use their blank immunization form. 
If you are required to use this form, it is important to refer to your institution’s immunization/health requirements for the exact directives. These requirements will outline what information needs to be included in the form, as well as any other relevant information that needs to be included. It is important to follow these directives closely in order to ensure that your form is accepted.

Where can I find the blank immunization form?

You will find a section on the top of the documents page of your Med+Proctor account that states "download documents". This is where you will find any optional or required forms provided by your school. You will want to click the title of the document you would like to download and your document will automatically begin downloading to your device!

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