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 You’re receiving this notice because you are considered unvaccinated for COVID-19 or missing your booster, based on reported vaccination status or refusal to report vaccination status. Though not mandatory, Grand Valley encourages you to do your part in helping to keep our community safe by receiving the recommended vaccines.  

COVID-19 spreads through droplets from nose or mouth through coughing and sneezing. Vaccination, hand-sanitization, and mask-wearing are some of the ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. 

The most effective way to prevent COVID-19 infection is vaccination. The CDC recommends that all individuals stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations. For more information visit: The CDC's COVID-19 webpage 

The locations listed below are potential resources for obtaining the vaccine or booster. The list is not all inclusive, nor is it intended to direct care to any specific provider or location. 

  •  Your family health care provider 
  •  GVSU 
    • Campus Health Center 
    • GVSU Family Health Center 
  •  Local Health Departments 
    • Ottawa County Health Department 
    • Kent County Health Department 
  •  Local Pharmacies 
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