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How to Submit Documentation to Med+Proctor

Please follow the directives below in order that they are listed to submit documentation to Med+Proctor.

  • Register for Med+Proctor Account
    • In order to safely submit your required documentation to Med+Proctor immunization tracking software for your school or workplace requirements, you must first ensure you've registered for a Med+Proctor account. 
      • You may register for Med+Proctor via the registration link provided to you by your institution. 
        • If you have not received an invitation email, you may register by visiting your institution's Med+Proctor Portal link.
        • If your institution uses the standard Med+Proctor site for registration, you may click here to register.
If you do not have access to your institution's portal link, please search for your institution's name in our KnowledgeBase system. If your institution does not have an associated article in our Institution Portal Link Directory, then you will register using the standard Med+Proctor site: https://secure.medproctor.com/Account/SignIn
  • Complete All Prompts
    • Once you have created your Med+Proctor account, you will need to complete all the prompts and then you will have access to the 'Documents' section to upload your form.
      • Note: do not click ahead to the 'Documents' section. Once all prompts have been completed, you will be automatically redirected to the 'Documents' section.
  • Unlock 'Documents' Section
    • Once you've completed all the prompts, your document section will be unlocked.
      • You will see the gray circle next to 'Documents' has changed to a green circle with a check mark once you've completed all prompts.
    • In the document section you will have access to:
      •  Upload your forms and documents
      • Any forms provided for use by your institution are available by download . 
        • How to download form:
          • Enter 'Document' section
          • Once you have entered the 'Document' section, you will see the header 'Download Documents'. 
          • Under the 'Download Documents' header you will see a red box containing any documents available for upload. 
          • Click the title of the document you would like to download. 
          • Once you have clicked on the 'title', your document will automatically begin downloading to your device.
  • Upload your forms and documents:
    • Enter 'Document' section
    • Select a file type
      • Note: you may select any file type. Your selected document type chosen from the dropdown has no determining factor in document review, acceptance or approval.
    • Choose file
      • PNG files are the preffered format for all document submissions uploaded to Med+Proctor. 
        • Please click here or copy and paste this link: https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-png into your browser to convert your files to a PNG file.
      • Note: MedProctor cannot accept any HEIC files, encrypted or password-protected documents.
        • Most iPhone and mobile phone photos and screenshots are in the format of an HEIC file.
Many institutions do not provide fillable forms; if there are no forms available when following the above method, then your institution will accept any other official form of immunization history. If you have received direct instructions from your institution that you must obtain a fillable form via Med+Proctor and there is no form available, please ensure you've completed all prompts and there is a green check mark next to the 'Documents' tab. If you've completed the above steps and are still encountering errors please email: help@medproctor.com
  • Upload forms
    • Once you unlock your document section please upload any forms and immunization certificates that need to be reviewed here. You can take a picture of your form and upload it from your phone, email it to yourself and upload from your computer, or scan it in!   
      • Med+Proctor's standard processing time for uploaded documents is 1-3 business days.
Please take note that Med+Proctor cannot accept or review submissions by email, fax or any other method outside of your secure Med+Proctor account.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via LiveChat or email: help@medproctor.com

Med+Proctor's business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CT.