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What does "Missing follow up Quant. Hep B titer" mean?

The tag, "Missing follow up Quant. Hep B titer" means that you have previously uploaded hepatitis b titer testing that states you are not immune to the hepatitis b disease.

In order to reach compliance with any mandatory quantitative hep b titer requirements you must receive a hep b booster vaccination, wait 6 weeks to allow the immunization to build up your immunity and then take a follow-up quantitative titer test stating your updated immunity to hep b. This is not to be confused with a qualitative titer.

Once you receive these results please upload documentation of your follow up hep b titer documentation including test results to your MedProctor account.

The difference between quantitative and qualitative titers:

  • Quantitative titers must include a numerical result with numerical reference ranges.
  • Qualitative titers simply indicate “immune vs. non-immune” (with no numerical value.)

How to submit another document: 

  • Sign into your MedProctor account
  • Go to your "status" page
  • Click on "click here to submit another document." 

From there you will be directed back to the document section where you can upload forms or download the optional immunization certificate.

Schedule Quantitative Hep B Titer Appointment

Students and Employees should upload documents to medproctor.com for your school or workplace vaccine/immunization requirements. 

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