What does "Varicella booster missing" mean?

1 min. readlast update: 07.10.2024

The tag, "Varicella booster missing," means that you have previously uploaded varicella titer testing that states you are not immune to the varicella disease. You must receive an additional varicella vaccine (varicella booster) vaccination, wait 6 weeks and then get a follow-up titer stating proof of immunity to varicella in order to reach compliance with any mandatory varicella titer requirements. 

If you are attempting to take titer testing to satisfy Varicella vaccination requirements ONLY and believe you have either 

  • Have previously been infected with chickenpox: most institutions that only require proof of varicella vaccination will accept documented history of disease/ a doctor's note to satisfy your varicella requirement. 
  • If you believe that you have received the two dose varicella vaccination series in the past please upload your proof of vaccination. 
    • Most schools and universities accept any kind of record/forms like previous high school or four-year college/university, military records or World Health Organization (WHO), or family physician/childhood records.
Please refer to your institution’s immunization/ health clearance requirements for directives on institution specific varicella titer testing and vaccinations. Click Here to schedule titer testing with Lab Corp

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