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What if I can’t move past the terms of agreement section?

If you are unable to move past the agreements section or are unable to select a document type please follow the directives below in order.

  • Ensure you are signed out of your Med+Proctor account then sign back into your account.
  • When you come to the EULA section, you would first need to scroll to the bottom and type your name in the box and then hit continue/accept in order to continue ahead.
  • Please click the profile section of your MedProctor account, select your group (general population, health science, etc) and your term that you are registering for. This should resolve your issue and allow you to upload documents to your account.
  • Complete any remaining prompts and you will be directed back to the document section where you can upload forms or download the optional immunization certificate

If this does not work and you are unable to proceed with account setup please click here to start a chat with with a live Med+Proctor support agent or email: help@medproctor.com

Students and Employees should upload documents to the medproctor.com vaccine & immunization software for your school or workplace requirements.