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What should I do if the form I uploaded is illegible or corrupt?

If an illegible form or corrupt form has been uploaded to your account, you must ensure that your documentation is in a format the Med+Proctor system will accept and is of sufficient quality to be reviewed. Blurry or unclear images will be flagged as illegible as well as any encrypted documents/ files will be rejected. 

To ensure you've captured a legible photo, please complete the following steps. 

  • Take a picture of your form (with a cell phone, camera, or scan the document) 
  • Review the image quality and upload the image you've taken on your phone. 
  • Email the photo to yourself or scan and upload the document from your computer

Please note that converting your files a PNG format is one of the best ways to prevent upload issues. Please click here to convert your files to a PNG file.

Sometimes scanning your document can cause your document to appear dark, blurry, or otherwise illegible. If you choose to scan your documentation and your forms are illegible, please refer to the directives below:

  • For the best results, use a scanner with a setting of 72 or more pixels per square inch.
  •  Ensure your image is well focused and legible before uploading.
  •  Illegible forms will be rejected.
  •  Acceptable file types include... JPG, PNG, PDF. Files must be smaller than 15 MB, cannot be encrypted or password protected.