Why do I have "Men B Incomplete Series" tagged on my account?

1 min. readlast update: 09.29.2022

This tag means you are currently missing your 2nd Meningococcal B vaccination. There is only proof of one Men B vaccination currently uploaded to your account. Your university requires you to provide proof of a full Men B vaccination (2 total doses to meet compliance) If you have documentation of a 2nd date for your Men B vaccination please upload it. If you have not received 2 total doses of Men B you will need to receive a booster vaccination.

Meningococcal Vaccination are commonly listed on immunization records as: Meningococcal Group B, Bexsero, Trumenba

Students and Employees should upload documents to the medproctor.com vaccine & immunization software for your school or workplace requirements. 

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