Does Med+Proctor Integrate Data With Colleague, Banner, eClinicalWorks, etc.?

2 min. readlast update: 05.01.2023

Med+Proctor provides user data only to university and college partners, and only at their request, as outlined in our Terms of Services. This data is used solely for the purpose of verifying the immunization records of the user and is kept secure and confidential. We never share any user data with any third parties, and all data is stored in accordance with the highest security standards. We take the privacy of our users very seriously, and we are committed to protecting their data.

University and college partners can securely download data from Med+Proctor using either SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or RESTful (Representational State Transfer) services. Once the data is downloaded, it is the responsibility of the university or college partner to parse, sort, manipulate, and store the data as needed. Med+Proctor does not send data to or change data in any software, and the data must be handled by the university or college partner.

Our data integration services are not tied to any particular platform or application, and the data we provide is in industry-standard and human-readable formats. This ensures that you can take advantage of your Med+Proctor data in whatever platform or application you prefer, allowing you to maximize the value of your Med+Proctor services.

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