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Is Med+Proctor Affiliated With My University?Am I Required to Use Med+Proctor?What if I Do Not Want to Use Med+Proctor?Does Med+Proctor Have a Phone Line?How to Contact Med+ProctorHow to Chat With a Live Med+Proctor RepresentativeDoes Med+Proctor Integrate Data With Colleague, Banner, eClinicalWorks, etc.?"Personal Information Missing" "Mumps booster missing" What does this tag mean?"Referred to Institution" What Does This Tag Mean?"Online Exemption request" What Does This Tag Mean?"FLShots data added" What Does This Tag Mean?Complete Insurance Billing PageUW – Missing Provider Signature UW – Incomplete FormUW – Missing DatesUW – Missing IdentificationUW – Password Protected UW – IllegibleUW – MyChart Screenshot No NameUW – Needs MenACWYUW – Needs MenACWY (MenACWY Under 16)UW – Needs MenACWY (Received MenB)UW – Needs 1 MMRUW – Needs 1 MMR (MMR Under 1)UW – Needs 2 MMRUW – Needs 1 MeaslesUW – Needs 2 Measles UW – Needs 1 MumpsUW – Needs 2 MumpsUW – Military Documentation ProvidedUW – No RequirementsUW – Measles WaivedUW – Mumps Waived UW – Meningitis A/C/W/Y Waived UW – Referred to InstitutionUW - Needs MenACWY (Unaccepted Vaccine)UW - Needs 1 MMR (Equiv or Neg Titers)UW - Needs 1 MMR (MMRs Too Close)UW - Document ErrorMen B Not AcceptedMissing UCF health history formConscience ExemptionMeningitis A/C/W/Y WaivedAU- Chest x-ray not acceptedAU- Positive TB testMissing UH TB ScreeningMissing PBA Exemption FormInsurance Form (Part B) Missing