How Do I Know Which Requirement Group or Term Applies To Me?

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

My school term or requirement group isn’t an option: 

If you know your school term and requirement group and it isn’t an option, for example, you start school in fall 2025 but the only available option is fall 2023, you will want to contact us via live chat or email so we can make that term available to you. You can select the incorrect term so that you may continue with your upload, and contact us to change it for you so that your review process isn’t delayed. 

My school term or requirement group is a code: 

If your school term or requirement group is a code that you do not know or you are unsure of your school term or requirement group, it should be located within your student portal. If you are unable to locate it after checking there, please contact your program coordinator or school helpdesk for assistance. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you are able to access the correct information.

My school term or requirement group isn't a code but how do I know what applies to me?:

General Population: The general population refers to all students who are not enrolled in a health sciences program and do not have a degree in health sciences. This includes students from all other disciplines, such as engineering, business, humanities, and the sciences.
Health Sciences: Health Sciences is a requirement group for students who are pursuing a major in the healthcare industry. This requirement group includes courses in anatomy, physiology, nursing, pre-med, pharmacology, medical terminology, and other related topics. It also includes courses in healthcare management, healthcare law, and healthcare ethics. 

Students and Employees should upload documents to Med+Proctor for your school or workplace vaccine/immunization requirements. 

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