"Missing Date Varicella 2nd" What Does This Tag Mean?

1 min. readlast update: 07.10.2024

The tag "Missing Date Varicella 2nd," This tag means you are currently missing your 2nd Varicella vaccination. There is only proof of one Varicella vaccination currently uploaded to your account. Your university requires each student to provide proof of a full Varicella vaccination (2 total doses to meet compliance) If you have documentation of a 2nd date for your Varicella vaccination please upload it.

Alternatively, you can submit proof of a positve Varicella Titer test instead of the 2 dose series to your medproctor.com account. Below is a link with additional information and to schedule an appointment. 

You can have these titers done at your doctor's office or anywhere that performs blood testing or a lab.

If you'd like to easily schedule an appointment directly with a lab, please click here to schedule with LabCorp: Schedule Titer Testing Here!

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