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Missing Quantitative MMR Titer Documents.

If your account is tagged with this then your account is missing a Quantitative MMR Titer Document.

What is a quantitative titer?

A quantitative titer is a laboratory test that calculates the concentration of antibodies in a sample of blood. The result is expressed as a numerical value and is compared to a numeric reference range. If you did not get a quantitative Titer done, your school will require you to get them redone.

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What is the difference if my document states I have immunity?

Your school requires a quantitative MMR titer for immunization compliance, this means that they are in need of a specific numeric value. Though quantitative and qualitative titer tests for the same thing, they do have differences as stated below.

Quantitative vs Qualitative Titers:

Quantitative titers have a numerical value, if this tag is on your account this means your school requires you to have had a quantitative MMR titer and to upload those results. 
Qualitative titers measure the presence or absence of antibodies in the blood, but do not provide a numerical value. They are used to determine if a person is immune to a particular disease, but do not provide any information about the amount of antibodies present.  

If you have already received a quantitative titer, but have not yet uploaded the numeric results, you must do so in order to meet the immunization compliance requirements of your school. If you have not yet received a quantitative titer, you will need to get an MMR quantitative titer in order to fulfill your school's immunization requirements. 


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