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"Varicella Titer Docs Missing" What Does This Tag Mean?

This tag means that your account missing varicella titer documentation. It is likely your program requires a varicella titer, which is a blood test that measures the number of antibodies in your blood that are specific to the varicella virus. The results of the test will tell you if you are immune to the virus or not. Titer documentation is the lab report evidence of your titer, and it is required for immunization compliance in many health sciences and related majors. 

Schedule Your Varicella Titer with Labcorp Today.

It is likely you have uploaded proof of a varicella titer with no supporting documents, no varicella titer at all, or incorrect documents. If you have further questions about this requirement and how to upload proof of your varicella titer chat with us via LiveChat or email help@medproctor.com for assistance. If you have yet to receive a varicella titer, click the link above to schedule one today!