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What does "Missing follow up MMR titer" mean?

The tag, "Missing follow up MMR titer" means that you have previously uploaded MMR titer testing that states you are not immune to the one or more your MMR titer tests (measles, mumps and rubella).

To satisfy your MMR titer requirements you must submit a positive titer test for measles, mumps and rubella. As a result of one or more of your titer test results coming back as not immune you must receive a booster dose of MMR. 6-8 weeks later you must receive a follow up of your failed titer to ensure that the booster dose gave you immunity then upload your follow up titer documentation including test results to your MedProctor account.

How to submit another document: sign into your MedProctor account, go to your "status" page then click on "click here to submit another document." From there you will be directed back to the document section where you can upload forms or download the optional immunization certificate.

Schedule a follow up MMR titer test