What is a CWID?

1 min. readlast update: 04.27.2023

CWID is more commonly referred to as your student ID.

CWID stands for "Campus Wide ID" which is a unique identifier assigned to each student by the school admissions or registrar's office when they are accepted to the school. This ID is used to access various school services, such as library resources, online course materials, and student discounts. It is important to keep your CWID safe and secure, as it is used to verify your identity when accessing school services.
If you have not received your student ID, please check your onboarding emails or contact the school's admissions department to get it.

You will need to use your CWID to create your Med+Proctor account.

In order to upload your immunization records to Med+Proctor for immunization compliance, you will first need to fill out your profile. This profile includes your full name, date of birth, student ID, and any other information that may be required by your school or institution. Once your profile is complete, you will be able to upload your immunization records to Med+Proctor.

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